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Christmas Drabble-A-Thon Master List
[Misc.]tea and books
open_atclose wrote in dramionedrabble
A little bit delayed, but think of it as a New Year present! The Drabble-a-Thon went spectacularly, I think, so without further ado, here is the master list!

Prompt: 'Enchanted Snowman'
I Bring the Children, K, by justamuggle

Prompt: 'Festive Drinks'
Firewhiskey PG-13, by justamuggle
Drunken Blabbering PG-13, by nitsrek0803
Christmas Sangria G, by tinkercannon

Prompt: 'Mistletoe'
Mistletoe Mistake PG-13, by nitsrek0803

Prompt: 'Seeing you licking candy canes is very distracting'
Lost Concentration NC-17, nitsrek0803

Prompt: 'Waiting up for Santa'
Midnight Rooftops PG-13, by wintervixen86
Waiting up for Santa G, by a_frozen_second

Prompt: 'Ribbons of red, gold, silver and green'
Green Trees and Us PG-13, by midnightsugar
Misuse of Ribbons NC-17, by nitsrek0803

Prompt: 'The naughty list'
Letter to Santa NC-17, by nitsrek0803

Prompt: 'The dangers of pine needles'
The Pines Have It, T, by kansol_encore
Sacrifices, PG-13, by nitsrek0803

Prompt: 'Wrapped up in Christmas lights'
Bound, PG-15, by nitsrek0803

Prompt: 'Snow globe'
Broken Glass, PG-13, by wintervixen86

All I Want for Christmas Is... PG-13, by midnightsugar

Prompt: 'Stocking (stuffers)'
Size does matter, K, by nitsrek0803

Prompt: 'Tacky Holiday Sweaters'
Christmas with the Weasleys, PG, by icicle33
The Christmas Sweater, G, by a_frozen_second

Prompt: 'Pretending that a really bad present is something you really wanted'
The gift that kept giving, G, by kansol_encore

Prompt: 'Unexpected Snowfall'
A White Christmas, Please, G, by alexia_drake
White Christmas, G, by tinkercannon

Prompt: 'Christmas carolling'
On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, K, by nitsrek0803

Prompt: 'Draco and Hermione's daughter insists that Daddy help her write a letter to Santa. And of course, Daddy has to help her deliver the letter to Santa as well. She doesn't trust owls or the Muggle post to get it there on time.'
Santa's Post Office, G, by alexia_drake

Prompt: 'Christmas Sex'
I wish for undisturbed Christmas sex, NC-17, by nitsrek0803

Prompt: 'staring at the storm from this side of the window.'
Winter Window, NC-17, by wintervixen86

Prompt: 'Hermione and Draco are the only students at Hogwarts over the Christmas break'
Best Christmas, PG-13, by nitsrek0803
The Twelve Days of Christmas, NC-17, by nitsrek0803

Prompt: 'Granger got run over by a reindeer'
Happy Places are in Danger, PG, by ashleyfanfic

Prompt: 'Christmas cookies'
Reindeer Treats, G, by justamuggle

Prompt: 'Sending Christmas cards'
Keeping up Connections, G, by starduchess

Prompt: 'Finding the right tree'
The Tiny Tree, PG-13, bywintervixen86

Prompt: 'Ministry Christmas Party'
Drinks on a winter's night, PG-13, by wintervixen86

Prompt: ''twas the night before christmas / and all through the flat, / not a creature was stirring ... except for the ...'
'Twas the night before a Dramione Christmas, PG, by starduchess

Prompt: Molly Weasley's infamous Christmas sweaters
Bright Green Lumpy Jumper, PG, by wintervixen86

A great big thank you to everybody who gave prompts, and everybody who fulfilled them. alexia_drake will be posting up banners very soon, and keep an eye out for our Valentine's Day challenge, which will be very exciting!


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