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Valentine's Challenge Prompt 7: Unwanted Visitors
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shy_of_reality wrote in dramionedrabble
Title: Unwanted Visitors
Author: shy_of_reality
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 598
Notes/Warning: Prompt 7 (Cupid / Panties / Incarcerous)

What was supposed to have been a quiet night for himself and Hermione had turned into a complete disaster.

First, Pansy had shown up, muttering about her boyfriend being a complete arse for proposing to her on Valentine’s Day.

Then Ron, her boyfriend, had turned up and started yelling at her for leaving him on bended knee in a crowded restaurant.

Draco had wanted to Incarcerous both of them, but Hermione refused to let him. She reminded him that he was the one who had played Cupid and set their best friends up.

Not stupid enough to admit the only reason he set Ron up with Pansy was so he’d stop sniffing around Hermione, he had pretended to care as Pansy and Ron vented their frustration at him in the study. His mind had wondered to the silk panties he knew Hermione was wearing and to how he couldn’t wait to get them off of her that night.

The sound of an arm chair being knocked over had pulled him out of his thoughts and he was shocked to find Ron and Pansy in the tipped over chair snogging. He had felt vomit rise to his throat as Ron’s hands cupped Pansy’s arse and ran out of the room with his hands over his eyes.

Any hope he’d had of things going quietly after that had been dashed when he had arrived in the sitting room to find Hermione dealing with a situation of her own: a battle of the Potters. As the fight had gone on, he gathered that Harry had been a bit too friendly with a waitress or at least that was how a very pregnant Ginny had interpreted it. Then before their very eyes, Ginny had gone from mad as hell to a sex craved fiend who had all but pulled Harry out of the room by the front of his shirt looking for a guestroom.

He and Hermione had sat on their sofa for an hour before Ron and Pansy had reappeared, both looking properly disheveled and it was in this post-coitus state that Pansy showed off a diamond ring so big that Draco thought he’d been blinded. Then the happy couple had said their goodbyes and left via the floo network to do some more celebrating at her place, Draco was sure.

Harry and Ginny had returned shortly after both looking tired but content. Their goodbyes had been a lot less exciting with Ginny promising to floo call Hermione later in the week to schedule a time for them to go shopping for the baby before they too had left via the floo network.

As soon as Harry disappeared in the green flames, Draco locked the fireplace as Hermione tightened wards upon the house; they didn’t want any more visitors.

With the promise of bringing a treat with her, Hermione sent Draco upstairs to get the bedroom ready. Smiling to herself, she went into the kitchen and put together a tray of strawberries, whip cream, two wine glasses and a bottle of champagne then headed to their room.

Upon getting to their room, however, she found Draco passed out on their bed wearing only his slacks and a sock. Setting the tray of goodies down, she finished undressing him then repositioned him on the bed and tucked him in.

Before undressing herself, she cast a cooling charm on the tray of goodies then stripped until she was only wearing her silky red bra and panties. Then she climbed in bed next to Draco and fell asleep with her head on his chest.

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Aww cute drabble. Quite humorous!

Aww! This is really cute. Hopefully, Draco will finally get those silk panties off Hermione after their nap. Lol.

Very nice. :)

haha I'm quite certain he will haha

Thanks for commenting.

with friends like those ... LOL!

haha thanks for commenting.

the only reason he set Ron up with Pansy was so he’d stop sniffing around Hermione

Haha, I love your wording.

Funny drabble, great job :D

Hmmm clever seenof draco :pset Ron up woth Pansy and he would have Hermione all to himself:p

Must have been some Valentine:p all her friends came to their house to fight/argue and then make up except themself:p

So sweet of Hermione to undress him^^

good drabble!

haha thanks :D glad you enjoyed it

I really enjoyed this. The simplicity of your diction, coupled with the lack of dialogue, make it a great read. And of course the humor of the situation adds to it, too. Great drabble :)

Thanks :D

Actually, when I was writing it, I had a couple places where I started to put dialogue, but decided I didn't like it. So I'm glad you agree.

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