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Valentine's Challenge Prompt 7: Home for the Holidays
a_frozen_second wrote in dramionedrabble
Title: Home for the Holidays
Author: a_frozen_second
Rating: G
Word Count: ~450
Notes/Warning: More fluff, as if I haven't written enough already for this fest. Valentine's Day Challenge Prompt 7: Cupid / Panties / Incarcerous

Hermione awoke with a scowl. She showered with a scowl, ate breakfast with a scowl, went to work with a scowl and came home with a scowl. God, she detested Valentine's Day.

Hermione had always detested Valentine's Day. Even the years she had someone to celebrate with, she couldn't get over her hatred of flying Cupids, sappy couples, and…pink. 

The last few years with Draco, he had showered her with gifts and attention, as if to make up for usually being completely self-absorbed. But this year, he was away for work until the end of the week. Draco went away regularly, and while a week was on the long side, it wasn't out of the ordinary. But somehow the holiday, despite her intense dislike of it, made her miss him more than she usually did.

Her permanent scowl deepened at the sight of a box of chocolates and a letter on her kitchen table. She threw her cloak over a chair, poured herself a glass of wine, and brought the chocolates and the letter to the living room.

She sat down heavily on her couch. Taking a large gulp of wine and a chocolate from the box, she opened the letter.

"Dear Hermione," she read to herself, annoyance in her voice. "Blah blah blah miss you blah blah blah work work work blah blah blah thinking of you in those lacy black knickers — "

She threw the letter on the side table behind her and took another sip of her wine. Trust Draco to mention her panties in something that otherwise could have been romantic.


Hermione shrieked, barely keeping her wine from spilling as she jumped from her seat. Her wand was out of her pocket and she was hexing the intruder before she even processed who was in her living room.


"Erm, Hermione, did you really have to use Incarcerous?" 

Hermione blushed, releasing the spell. She went over to him and helped him off the floor. "I'm so sorry, Draco, I just wasn't expecting you."

"I can see that," Draco said, rubbing his stomach where the ropes had been especially tight.

"What are you doing here?"

"I figured you'd be brooding — "

"I don't brood! You're the brooder!"

Draco laughed and grabbed her around her waist, pulling her against him. Hermione stood on her toes to kiss him.

"I can't believe you hexed me."

Hermione threw her head back, laughing. "I'm glad you're here, Draco. Valentine's Day is just so… aggravating."

"Well as are you! I'm surprised you don't get along."

Hermione smacked him. "Thanks for coming home, Draco." 

He grinned widely at her, and she grinned back.

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Nothin' wrong with fluff! This was sweet and funny. :)

lol I did not think it was too fluffy at all, it was fun to read.

Draco should have known that Hermione was not the kind of witch to surprise. Gryffindors are always ready to defend themrselves. lol

Great drabble :D

Draco's too much of a Slytherin to not take advantage of the opportunity to sneak up on Hermione. I like to think he enjoyed it ;)

Thank you!

Ooh so cute of him to surprise her and come back early:p I laughed when she accidentally hexed him:p .

Very cute drabbel!

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