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Poll for the Valentine's Day Prompts
HP - TimeTurner
alexia_drake wrote in dramionedrabble
Thank you for your participation in the 2012 Valentine's Day Challenge :) If you need to refresh your mind for some of the drabbles, click on their title to open it in a new window. If you made comments on the entries, they might help you to remember the story and/or help you make your choice.

+ Vote for the drabble that you think fits the Best for each prompt.
+ Do NOT vote for yourself ! I can see who vote for who.
+ The Winners/Banners will be posted as soon as we have enough votes.

Poll #1818596 Poll for the Valentine's Day Prompts
This poll is closed.

Prompt 1 - Roses / Detention / Antidote

Prompt 3 - Strawberry / Cupcakes / Sneakoscope

Prompt 4 - Diamonds / Romance / Knight Bus

Prompt 5 - Pink / Kitten / Pensieve

Prompt 6 - Stilettos / Stockings / Invisibility Cloak

Prompt 7 - Cupid / Panties / Incarcerous


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