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Valentine's Day Challenge Winners & Banners
HP - TimeTurner
alexia_drake wrote in dramionedrabble
If you wrote one or more Drabbles for the Valentine's Day Challenge, come take your banner(s) :D And Congrats to the winners of the Poll !

Click on the link(s) beside your username, your banner will open in a new window. Please comment after you saved your banner(s), I want to make sure that you didn't miss this post :)

a_frozen_second ~ All 7 Prompts
crissytje ~ All 7 Prompts + Winner for Prompt 6
nitsrek0803 ~ All 7 Prompts
shy_of_reality ~ All 7 Prompts + Winner for Prompt 5
xfsista ~ All 7 Prompts + Winner for Prompt 1 + Winner for Prompt 3 + Winner for Prompt 7

I also decided to send a V-Gift to the 5 users above that wrote a drabbles for all the 7 prompts.

kansol_encore ~ Participation Banner
laceyjr ~ Participation Banner + Winner for Prompt 4
lcailan ~ Participation Banner
leopion ~ Participation Banner + Winner for Prompt 2
midnightsugar ~ Participation Banner
mihnn ~ Participation Banner
missrebecca_12 ~ Participation Banner
sectumsempsarah ~ Participation Banner
wintervixen86 ~ Participation Banner

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Got the pretties! They're awesome as usual. Thank you, Alexia!

Congrats to the winners, participants! And thanks so much to everyone who voted! It's been a lovely fest <3

I had a lot of fun writing and reading the valentine drabbles ^^. Good job everyone who participated, it was very hard voting for each prompt since there were a lot of good drabbles. Congradulations to all the winners and thanks for the votes and the banners. Until next time :w

So pretty. Thank you :) And congrats to all the winners. I have so much more to read.

These are lovely! Thanks so much :) And congratulations to everyone, because this whole fest was awesome.

These are lovely! Thank you so much, alexia_drake! And thanks to you and open_atclose for running this challenge. I enjoy these immensely, both reading and writing. <3

Congrats to everyone on a job well done! I had so much fun reading all the entries! :D

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented!

Congrats to all the winners! I had a lot of fun doing this. Till the next time! :D And thank you for the banner.

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