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A D/Hr brainstorm
[OTP]HP; Hermione/Draco - colours
open_atclose wrote in dramionedrabble
Hello, my lovely Draco/Hermione shippers!

This comm has been very quiet since the Valentine's Day challenge, and I am looking to you wonderful people for some ideas about what kind of fests/challenges you'd like to see in the future for dramionedrabble. I know we're all busy with real life and all that jazz, but I know I need something fun to relax.

The next big holiday we have coming up is Easter, and I know we've had great fun in the past with Easter challenges, but I want to do something different to liven this place up a bit.

So. Drop us a comment with your ideas, anything and everything will go (as long as it can be appropriated into the drabble format and is, of course, Draco/Hermione related).

Look forward to seeing your ideas!

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The Valentine's fest was lots of fun, but I think just having a weekly or biweekly prompt or two would be fun as well.

Spring is just around the corner as well.. so maybe instead of waiting for Easter (which isn't until April) there was a Spring Fest.

I love the weekly/bi-weekly idea! Thanks for your suggestions!

I love the word prompts, but perhaps for a change we can do picture prompts that are Easter/spring based. I know sometimes, I'm more inspired by a pretty picture. = )

I also like the idea of a weekly prompt that was mentioned above instead/in addition to an Easter fest.

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I did run a picture prompt challenge once, at it was a lot of fun. Thanks for commenting!

I, too, like the idea of more frequent challenges as opposed to waiting for holidays. Weekly might be a bit much for the mods, so I think once a month would be okay. On the months that there are holidays, you could do the usual challenge instead.

If you did a monthly challenge, I'd suggest giving multiple prompts. But instead of trying to use all the prompts in one drabble, the challenge would be to write one drabble per prompt. So, a writer could submit one or more a month depending on the number of prompts. It could be up to the mods if more than one drabble per prompt per writer would be allowed.

You could add a further challenge by giving a specific rule for each monthly prompt. For instance, say you give five (how many you wish) words for the month (or pictures or lyrics or lines from a movie or whatever). Then, you could give an additional challenge for the month. For example, "this month's challenge must be 500 words exactly" or "this month's drabbles must be written using the marriage law trope." It could change every month with the prompt just to change things up.

This is all just thinking "out loud," of course. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be awesome. :)

ETA: Also, if you want, you could keep the voting for winners thing to be for special holiday challenges only so you don't have to set up polls and alexia_drake doesn't have to make banners every month. Again, completely up to you, but just a thought. More writing is awesome, but it might not be so much fun if there is more work for the mods.

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These are great ideas! Thank you! I like the suggestion of monthly challenges, we'll have to look into it more :)

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That's a great idea, very funny!

Hey mods!

I've been doing some reading and I came across a post that features the "twenty sentences technique." Essentially, you're given twenty words and you have to write one sentence. Tell me what you think!

p.s. This example is Star Trek, but it's still easily adoptable!! :D

If I may suggest, allowing one Saturday each month for everyone to post prompts to a post and everyone is welcome to post a fill for it. It's fun :)

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