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I Don't Want to Look Both Ways!!
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slytheringurrl wrote in dramionedrabble
Title: I Don't Want to Look Both Ways!!
Rating: G
Word Count: 531
Notes/Warning: Enjoy! Written based off a prompt found at H&V! Thanks to
pagan_toon76 or betaing!!!

“Why is it necessary to look both ways?”Draco asked with a moan from the driver’s seat of the car.

Hermione sighed. She had explained this so many times, and now, she just wanted to slap her fiancé across the face for being a clueless git.

“Have you ever tried crossing a road without looking both ways? Before you can even open your mouth to say “I’m Draco Malfoy”, a car may be close enough to hit you. And what would you do in that situation? Do you think you can avoid the car? No. You freeze. You freeze because you're too scared to think. Do you think the driver will be able to swerve and avoid you? No! Because he’s either too scared to have the proper reflexes for that, or he was planning on running you over anyway, because he doesn’t care! Draco, you need to look both ways so you won't be that driver!”

Poor Draco was still stuck on the fact that someone would even think of running him over. “But, nobody is going to run me over, Hermione. I'm too special.” Draco wore a proud look on his face that just radiated off him.

“Honestly, Draco, you need to look both ways. Or else you’ll fail the test. Or end up killing someone. Or yourself.”

At this point, she was completely ready to make Draco pull over and make him walk. It's all right, she thought. Just take deep breaths.

By that point, Draco was already planning on using magic to make his life easier, and he told Hermione just that.

“I don't care. I can Confound the driving instructor. And no idiot would try to kill me. I'm an ex-Death Eater. I'd come and kill them when I become a ghost.”
“Who said you would become a ghost when you die?”

“I did.”

"Ugh! You are so annoying," Hermione said in an exasperated tone.

“So are you. Why can't I just drive without passing this test?”



“Stop acting like a child, Draco. Pass the damn test and then you can drive your car wherever you want.”




At that moment, Hermione finally lost her cool.


“Shut up, Hermione!”

* * *

“Are you ready, Draco?” asked the driving instructor.
Draco inwardly smirked.  With a little help on his side, why wouldn’t he be ready?
“I’m definitely ready!”
“Okay then, let’s get started!”
Draco slowly shifted the agency's car into gear and drove along the road.
“Good job. Now, we’re at an intersection.  What should you first do before turning?”

“Look both ways!”

* * *

“Congratulations, Mr. Malfoy! You’ve passed your driving test.”
I knew I could do this.

Thrilled, Draco got into his own car -a bright red Ferrari California- that Blaise had dropped off and drove towards the flat he shared with his fiancée, eager to boast of his new accomplishment.

* * *

“Hermione, look!”
Draco ran into the kitchen, where Hermione was washing up.
“Hello, love.  What’s up?”
“Got my license. See? I can drive now! I told you I could do it.”
Hermione just laughed. “I never doubted it.  Congratulations! Now, you can drive your car.”

Please comment and share your thoughts to help me write more stories!! Thanks for taking the time to read!

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“But, nobody is going to run me over, Hermione. I'm too special.” Draco wore a proud look on his face that just radiated off him.

Haha, it was fun to visualize that part :)

Since it's a drabble on Draco & Hermione, of course it's okay to post here. However, ss explained in the profile of the community, drabbles of more than 250 words long should be placed behind an lj-cut. And it's also more convenient to use the following format outside of the lj-cut when posting:

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And you should also tag your entry with your username and either 100 or 101-500 or 501-1499 for the word count. I took care of this for you, but please edit your entry to put the drabble behind an lj-cut.

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Ok! I'm not in front of a laptop at the moment but I will take care of it ASAP! Also, I was having trouble posting to my comm and wanted to see if I could post to this one! So.. It was more of a test:) I will change than though!

:) cute. I could feel Hermione's exasperation and I knew he would pick a car like a ferrari!

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