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Hey all! There is only about a month and a half left to sign up for race_to_write!! I hope that you will consider signing up!

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I Don't Want to Look Both Ways!!
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Title: I Don't Want to Look Both Ways!!
Rating: G
Word Count: 531
Notes/Warning: Enjoy! Written based off a prompt found at H&V! Thanks to
pagan_toon76 or betaing!!!
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Drabble List
Cherry Blossoms
Don't know if this is allowed so mods feel free to remove if so.

Recently I have been absent from the Dramione fandom (I know, shock horror), so I have written myself 150 (yes you read that right) prompts to write a drabble too. The drabbles will be between 500 and 1000 words so I will be writing a lot of Dramione.

The list of prompts is located here for you all to view so feel free.

I am also taking suggestions for more prompts after I have finished these all.

Dramione Halloween withdrawal
I'm not sure if this post is allowed, so mods please remove if it's not. However, I'm missing the dramione Halloween drabble challenge so much!  Last year was so much fun!  

= (   = (  = (

Does anybody else feel the same?

Valentine's Day Challenge Winners & Banners
HP - TimeTurner
If you wrote one or more Drabbles for the Valentine's Day Challenge, come take your banner(s) :D And Congrats to the winners of the Poll !

Click on the link(s) beside your username, your banner will open in a new window. Please comment after you saved your banner(s), I want to make sure that you didn't miss this post :)

a_frozen_second ~ All 7 Prompts
crissytje ~ All 7 Prompts + Winner for Prompt 6
nitsrek0803 ~ All 7 Prompts
shy_of_reality ~ All 7 Prompts + Winner for Prompt 5
xfsista ~ All 7 Prompts + Winner for Prompt 1 + Winner for Prompt 3 + Winner for Prompt 7

I also decided to send a V-Gift to the 5 users above that wrote a drabbles for all the 7 prompts.

kansol_encore ~ Participation Banner
laceyjr ~ Participation Banner + Winner for Prompt 4
lcailan ~ Participation Banner
leopion ~ Participation Banner + Winner for Prompt 2
midnightsugar ~ Participation Banner
mihnn ~ Participation Banner
missrebecca_12 ~ Participation Banner
sectumsempsarah ~ Participation Banner
wintervixen86 ~ Participation Banner

Poll for the Valentine's Day Prompts
HP - TimeTurner
Thank you for your participation in the 2012 Valentine's Day Challenge :) If you need to refresh your mind for some of the drabbles, click on their title to open it in a new window. If you made comments on the entries, they might help you to remember the story and/or help you make your choice.

+ Vote for the drabble that you think fits the Best for each prompt.
+ Do NOT vote for yourself ! I can see who vote for who.
+ The Winners/Banners will be posted as soon as we have enough votes.

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The Knight V. The Ogre
GOT Jon Sansa
Title: The Knight V. The Ogre
Author: mihnn
Rating: PG13
Notes/Warning: Prompt 7. All 3.

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Valentine's Challenge Prompt 7: Home for the Holidays
Title: Home for the Holidays
Author: a_frozen_second
Rating: G
Word Count: ~450
Notes/Warning: More fluff, as if I haven't written enough already for this fest. Valentine's Day Challenge Prompt 7: Cupid / Panties / Incarcerous

Home for the HolidaysCollapse )

Valentine's Challenge Prompt 7: Unwanted Visitors
misc: pink flower
Title: Unwanted Visitors
Author: shy_of_reality
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 598
Notes/Warning: Prompt 7 (Cupid / Panties / Incarcerous)

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