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Raindrops Pinnacle
yunho - christmas
azura_caelestis wrote in dramionedrabble
Title: Raindrops Pinnacle
Author: azura_caelestis 
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 829 words
Notes/Warning: Finally, it's the first time I write a fan fiction in English, so I'm sorry if there any mistakes here.


I looked at the sky; greyish colour seemed hanging above. Every single touch of its cry carefully trembled my skin off. The cold felt stabbing my body. I squinted unsurely, to see a boy run towards. He rubbed his arms, tried to get warm from it.

My hand gripped an umbrella sturdily. I ran closer to him. His lips split up perfectly. I replied, a beautiful smile grew, spread out from my mouth cheerfully.

“Have you been here for a long time?” he asked. I gazed at him. Unfortunately, a hatred nailed on my eyes. He grinned painfully.

“Sorry, then.” He held my hand and we walked side by side along the road. Some puddles obscured our stride. I jumped across, but instead slipped on the slick road. He grabbed my arms spontaneously. I shocked, but luckily he did that on the right time. I attempted to stomp the ground; got balance on my weight, but a red tinge suddenly blushed on my cheeks.

“How about drinking a cup of macchiato?” I nodded, agreed. My feet ran consciously; pulled his hand to follow my steps.

The shop seemed quiet, without any costumers queuing inside. Draco pushed the door directly and its bell ringing above. A barista winked her eyes at us. She looked ready to overcome her new costumers.

Draco allowed me to choose a seat. I picked the one which near to a big window. Carefully, my body moved towards, sat, and waited for him who ordering a couple cups of hot macchiato.

“Well, so what are we going to talk about now?” I tried to break the silence that frozen between us. He glimpsed; looked through my eyes with a huge question mark.

“Okay, then. I just want to say that I love someone here.” He grabbed my hands, slipped his fingers into a gap between my palms. My cheeks turned red again. I was so embarrassed. Fortunately, there’s no one who could hear that. The barista seemed busy with her news papers, and I was the only one who could hear that stupid persuasion.

“Oh, Draco please stop it!” He laughs loudly—made me feel more embarrassed. I pinched his arms, and he shouted at me. My eyes stared surprisingly; replied that shout with a silence. Situation became very quiet, without any sounds.

Suddenly my hand moved, reaching a window besides me. Fogs have already turned a huge window into a white plate without any sense. It felt very cold.  Unwittingly, Draco’s hands had touched my arm from behind.

“Hermione, as I told you before, I think our happy days are over.” My heart was beating fast, couldn’t think what’s going on with his mind. I never thought that he’s going to said that before. I knew the risk when being together with him, but I’ve already took a decision for staying together on a same path that he took.

“Draco, please. Tell me that your words are lie. You’ve promised me that we’ll be together, right? So don’t be silly!” I tried to make him took the words away, but sadly that were a truth. Draco shook his head surely.

My chest felt tight, but it was too late to realize that all things that happened here were real. One by one teardrop came down, damped off my cheeks. Draco seemed don’t care about it. He intended to continue his explanation, but I couldn’t hold it anymore. My hands hit the table directly and a bump sound was heard, filling out the air.

The barista glares shocked behind me. I just walked away without any concern, but Draco chased me easily. He pulled me into his embrace. I hate it, my body moved crazily; tried to rebel.

“Please, listen to me! It hasn’t to be this way, right? Yes, I love you, but my dad never agreed of our relationship, so please understand.” His gaze seemed to beg a lot at me and it touched my heart successfully, but my heart was hurt to forgive him.

I ran, out of the shop. My eyes caught a figure at glimpse. Lucius?! I mumbled silently. “Miss Granger?” He greeted me arrogantly. I nodded, peered a glance away from his eyes.

Cracked sound squeaked through a gap between the doors, and Draco’s handsome face appeared. He embraced me on the shoulder, and greeted his dad casually. “Hi, Dad! I hope you don’t mind if I bring her home.” Lucius cleared his throat loudly. His eyes gleamed. My heart was sinking for a moment.

Lucius pulled his child away from me. Draco looks dodged with his father’s decision, but I could do nothing. I just saw his body disappeared slowly behind the fog.

The gaze fell back to the umbrella that covered up my body. I pursued a feeling; that muggles would never been united with a pure blood family. Our love story was such Romeo and Juliet that never ends at a beautiful life.


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I think you should find a beta to help you with your mistakes in English, since it's not your first language. You may ask at the community dramione if it would be mostly for fanfics on that couple.

Also, I added your username in the tags.

thanks for the help and the suggestion :D
it's really help me.
actually, I've posted this fan fic on [info]dramione but someone there suggested me to post here.

I did not meant to re-post your fanfic on dramione but but post there to ask for a Beta. You can see exemples of that kind of posts here.

Even with the grammar mistakes, I could still understand what was happening. The whole piece had a mushy atmosphere just like the fog in the story. The differences in their stations is just as suffocating as the wet air. A good piece that would be great with just a little editing.

I am willing to beta any future drabbles. Just PM me!

OOHH! Thank you...
Your words are so amazing XDD
I think there's no one here want to read this fiction :(

WOW! Really?
Actually, I have an english drabble, but the cast is Korean singer. Is it okay? Or you're only betaing the Dramione fan fic? O.o

This comm has actually been very quiet lately. No one's even posted their 100 word drabbles from the last two months of dmhgchallenge, myself included. (I should remedy that.)

Yes, really, I've been doing it for cumoli who's Japanese over at hp_slash. I mostly meant your Dramione or other HP drabbles. If you write in other fandoms, I might not be able to tell what you are talking about!

Oh, really?
I'm new I a little bit late of information *LOL*

Okay then.
I'll visit your journal sometimes. I visited there yesterday and it seems great!

I like the banners you have done. You have some real talent there.

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